Letting go

Several weeks back I wrote a post titled, “I’ve got this.” I almost called it “Letting go,” but I felt like I needed to save that title. I got this sense that that post was more of a prequel. The part where God says, “I’ve got this.” And while there was some letting go on my part then, I had a feeling a post would follow, at some point, that would really be the point of letting go. Well, here it is. Continue reading


Receiving the baton

“Reblogging” is something that I haven’t done here yet, that I’ve decided to experiment with—linking on my blog to other great blog posts I read around the web. There’s so much great stuff out there that gets me thinking or impacts me, and rather than reinventing the wheel, it makes sense to just point you to what they’ve already said, better than I can, and add a few comments of my own.

Since I’ve been reading Confessions of a Caffeinated Christian again this past week (by the way, I said I was on track to finish it in a week, and sure enough, I read the last two chapters today) I discovered that John Fischer also has a WordPress blog. I’ve appreciated the things I’ve read there these past several days as I’ve been following it. This one got me really excited, because I agree wholeheartedly. Hebrews 11, up through the first several verses of chapter 12, is among my favorite passages of the Bible. The idea that is painted of a relay race is one that I can relate to from my days on the track team, and one that I have pointed to a lot in discussing our piece of the bigger picture. Here are Fischer’s thoughts on it. Enjoy.

John Fischer The Catch

For God had far better things in mind for us that would also benefit them, for they can’t receive the prize at the end of the race until we finish the race. (Hebrews 11:40 NLT)

This is the way Hebrews 11 ends – that great chapter on faith that includes the faith-driven, God-pleasing exploits of Abel, Enoch, Noah, Abraham, Sarah, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, Moses, Rahab, Gideon, Barak, Samson, Jephthah, David, Samuel, and all the prophets, along with all the martyrs who were tortured, whipped, chained in dungeons, stoned, sawed in half, killed with the sword, or went about in sheep and goat skins, hungry, oppressed and mistreated, wandering over deserts and mountains, hiding in caves and holes in the ground. These are those who now make up that great “cloud of witnesses” in Chapter 12: 1. And they are not just politely cheering us on; they have a stake…

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Good books

I’ve been reading a book this week. As in, one of those things consisting of a bunch of pages held together at one edge, that you actually have to turn as you read. It’s been a strange experience. I had to get used to holding the book in my hand in such a way as to keep it open as I read, a position that used to be very familiar to me, but one that I haven’t had much practice with recently. I do all my reading on my iPad these days. As I’ve mentioned before, that includes reading the Bible. (Side note: What has me really drooling over the iPad mini is that its size and weight (from what I’ve heard) make it pretty much the most perfect reading device ever built. Whenever it gets a Retina display, perfection has been achieved.) I have a couple dozen books on a shelf that I have from before I started phasing out books that take up space on a bookshelf and pounds in a suitcase in favor of books that take up megabytes of digital storage. I hope to replace them with their digital counterparts eventually, but until then, I’m hanging on to the paper versions. But anything new I get, I get digitally. My textbooks this year are all digital rentals. Except for Waking the Dead, one of those books I mentioned that sit on my physical shelf, my entire John Eldredge collection resides on my iBooks bookshelf. I could go on. Continue reading