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Diapers & Coffee

I’ve started what I guess could be described as a parenting blog. This idea came up sometime toward the end of last year, when Megan commented on my habit of reasoning very matter-of-factly with our daughter about the kind of ridiculous things that come up in parenting a toddler. She thought it would be entertaining to save some of these situations, exchanges, and one-liners for…posterity?

As recounted in my opening post, the name came from an exchange in probably the spring or fall, when we were still eating brunch on our terrace in pleasant weather. The phrase “diapers and coffee” came back to me when I started kicking around the idea for this blog, and then I had the inspiration for the domain,, which was too perfect.[1]

I expressly wanted to keep this a very lightweight, short-form blog to which I could post quickly and often—but I couldn’t help but spin my tires for two months trying to put together the perfect system to allow me to do that. I let that be the enemy of the good until this weekend, when I realized I needed to cut loose the distraction that was all the custom code, and focus on launching with something simple.

So that’s what I’ve done.[2] Enjoy.

  1. I just looked and saw that I registered two months ago to the day. ↩︎

  2. For those interested, I’m using Blot, a static site generator that automatically turns a folder of Markdown files into a website. I stuck with the default blog template instead of rolling my own, at least for now. (Update 2023-03-19: I'm now using Eleventy—a more configurable, open-source static site generator—deployed on GitHub Pages (Update 2024-01-11: Cloudflare Pages).) ↩︎