I’m a digital nomad currently based in Antalya, Türkiye, with my wife, daughter, and a son on the way. I’m an adult TCK who spent eight years back in the United States (four in college; four after) before returning to Asia.


I’m an analytics engineer for a US homebuilder—a position I’ve been in for just over a year as we modernize our data stack and replace myriad Excel reports with new dashboards. I’ve been at this company for a decade now, but the past year has been the most enthusiastic and engaged I’ve been in my work yet.


I enjoy the intersection of technology and creativity, with a trail of current and past projects to show for it. I’ve done photography and videography—as a hobby and as a side gig. I had a podcast that lasted 4 years. I’ve been running sound for church and occasionally other live events since college. I taught myself the basics of web development in middle school and have continued to code ever since—including the current and previous versions of this blog.

The juicy details about this site are over on the colophon.