Yearly Themes

My friend Elias and I have been picking yearly themes on our podcast since 2018. This year, I started following The Theme System, including using the Theme System Journal. This is how I’m filling it out. For reference/posterity.

2020: The Year of Regeneration

Allowing the things that need to to die and finding new life

Ideal Outcomes

  • A renewed closeness to God fed by spiritual disciplines
  • A better work-rest balance in which I work well and rest well
  • A clear contribution to the regeneration of the church
  • A healthier financial situation and relationship to spending

Nightly Journaling

The journal and a pen sit next to my bed; I use these prompts to reflect on the day before turning out the lights.

Journal Prompts

I write something for each of these most nights (so far, weeknights):

  • Good
  • Bad
  • Word [something God is saying]
  • Ahead [something I’m looking forward to]

Daily Themes

I score each of these at 0, ½, or 1 point each day:

  • Spirit: Did I connect with God today?
  • Relationship: Was I a good fiancé today?
  • Friendships: Was I a good friend today?
  • Work: Did I accomplish something for my job today?
  • Rest: Did I rest well today?
  • Environment: Did I take care of my home/office today?
  • Create: Did I make something today?
  • Language: Did I learn/practice language today?